Sawa-Manga is the creative child of beat wizard D'Vo and vocalist/poet And Is Phi. It is an exploration of musical landscapes, deep sea diving into liminal places for story telling. It is sway, funk, blue flame. It is an ethereal electronic driven exploration rooted in a fusion of hip hop, r&b, soul and jazz.

The project expands itself into an immersive live performance accompanied by a string section comprised of Maria Osuchowska on harp, and Mark Mollison on electric guitar. Sawa-Manga at heart is an attempt to engage every sense. This includes collaborations with dancers and other artists to create magical spaces expanding from the music. 

Mama and Papa are both based in South East 'Easy' London. 

D'Vo has a catalogue of fresh and full musical projects, including his series of '2+2=22' EP Volumes, jazz fusion band Cykada, a collaborative project with Dariés Street Soul, and is a founding member of L.A.B Collective championing the left field UK beat scene. He has also played and recorded with the likes of Shama Rahman and the Balkan sci-fi orchestra Mimika, and Myriad Forest. 

And Is Phi has her background in visual art, and over the years has been immersed in writing poetry and music. Has been known to host a jam or two(hundred) in a basement or two(hundred). She has a plethora of collaborations with artists and groups like Shop Floor Sessions, Black/Other, Hector Plimmer, Footshooter, Brother Portrait, and has more in the works.