Dominic Canning

Dominic Canning is a keyboardist/producer/composer and a teacher. Although his primary instrument is keyboard, he was actually introduced to music through the flute. 

The foundation of Dom's playing is synthesis and rhythm, he is consistently driven to find new sonic capabilities in his instruments and music. 

His overall approach, though still in development is heavily influenced by a myriad of different elements, from the sounds of London to the music of Weather Report.

Through his personal and musical journey, Dom is continuously learning and discovering more about himself and his background, which he uses as fuel with which to approach playing and composition. 

Dom's future plans include Triforce and Project Karnak albums as well as an album as a band leader under the name DmKnN (Doom Kannon).

Currently you can find him playing keyboard and synth in the bands Triforce, Project Karnak and Steam Down.