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Ahnanse is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer born in london from caribbean heritage. His musical development has been tied in with questions of how creativity contributes to the world and society. Is music just for entertainment and enjoyment or is there capacity for more within this creative form. 

As a prominent member of the London music scene, he has worked with the likes of Shabaka Hutchings, Yussef Kamaal,2000Black, the Outlook Orchestra, Jordan Rakei and Melt Yourself Down, to name a few.

In late 2017 Ahnansé set up a weekly music event called Steam Down. It has since become one of South London's most spoken about events: an event where some of finest musicians in town come to let loose. It's about dance; it’s about knowledge; it's about community and of course – the music. 

Over the course of 2018, the Steam Down Orchestra are set to debut their first album; to explore  Grime Jazz  with 'King Geb' and to debut an album by Ahnansé